Jimena in the sunlight

by Aída Blueblood

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written and composed by aída blueblood


released January 31, 2017

cover by evil anto



all rights reserved


Aída Blueblood Spain

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Track Name: Jimena in the sunlight
the light from outside comes to her skin through the window
some dots bright on the air of the room
she's full of brightness she says ''light is charming so am I''

she has a tattoo on the back of her heart, it says:
''I'm a sucker for art''

she wears the sunshine on her skin
nobody could steal
and when you leave her she won't cry she'll say:
''bye, bye-bye baby bye-bye''
Track Name: renaissance
let the flowers grow up from my chest
if they get cutted I will bleed again
I just notice that I am in love when everything ends

so i'd like to hide away from you
i don't want to repeat all the hurt
and I regret some things that I've done
I'm so dumb I always mess the best things up

let the flowers grow up from your chest
cutting them makes no sense at all
I know I can't ask you for anything
cause you given it all
Track Name: cold and pale
hannah died today
her body rests against the crystal
she looks like she's sleeping but she's cold and pale
when I'm cold and pale
and my heart don't beat like today
you will hold my hand

I didn't cry her death
I just could stare
when I go to sleep my longest dream
I will see your face
cause you're the only one I would tell how much I think about death

hannah left but she's still here
you're not there
you're not turning
but I can still feel the warmth of your body
Track Name: speak
I don't want you to be in love with me
I will never be in love again
I just want to spend the evenings huddled up with you

I will show you the bus stop I see through my window
and we will chase the orange lights from up here

but when I see you i just get to shy
and I just can hear you speak
you say when you like someone
you don't know how to talk
but to me you can speak
you can tell me anything you want

baby we just need to talk